Rhino Properties is a Dubai based International Property Broker, Real Estate Agent & Consultancy and was established in 2002 as Coordinator Real Estate. Over the years we have positioned ourselves well in the industry with integrating local knowledge and international real estate expertise.

This winning combination has enabled us to create a professional service guaranteed to satisfy the need of potential Real Estate investors.

Rhino Properties enjoys a close and mutual relationship with both local and regional real estate developers, which enables us to gather information of the very best of properties and developments available to YOU - our very valued target audience.

As a member of the Omene Holdings LLC our extensive networks and high quality vendors allow us to be selective in what properties and developments we market and promote.

Our team consists of highly trained, multinational and dedicated professionals, who understand the market, the real estate industry and more importantly your needs. Our experienced management team fully understands the importance of keeping in touch with a changing market and trends.


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Our Mission is to see the future, where human beings and environments are happily harmonized through
development of eco – friendly practices

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