Omene Moga Engineering & Consultancy Ltd. Is a Sudan based International Investment, Engineering & Consultancy Company and was established in 2002 as a joint venture.

Omene Holdings of the UAE entered into this venture with Moga of the Sudan to create a better quality of life for the people of the Sudan through innovation and a global network collaboration of high quality earth friendly commodities and services.

Omene Moga developed “The Green Line”. A building focused initiative dedicated to bringing the newest technology of environmentally sensitive and healthy resources to structural designs utilizing Ural materials into newly built homes.

Omene Moga is a globally minded company that aspires to be an excellent global citizen by developing alternative energy resources to enhance its quality of life. Recent changes around the world and the dramatic climate impacts has made us more conscious of how we look at our environment thus through the construction of Wind Farms we move closer to making our presence known in the global awareness community.

Omene Moga conveyed its unique sustainable building technology concept and Renewable energy principles by informing a wide audience. Omene Moga ECO projects and community focused initiatives allows us to constantly tap into the human resource of imagination and innovation for a cleaner, safer and more productive environment.

We are constantly probing for new products and technologies to tap the earth of its valuable resources in efficient and economically sound fashion in order to develop our community for a brighter and healthier future for generations to come.

“Think globally, act locally!” For a healthier, cleaner and safer home environment that costs less!!


Our Mission is to see the future, where human beings and environments are happily harmonized through
development of eco – friendly practices

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